Thankful For ...

Since this is the time of year when we pause and give thanks for those things that we often overlook or take for granted, I thought I would reflect upon the 50 things I am thankful for on this day ... no in any order and not necessarily reflective of overall thankfulness.
Happy Thanksgiving!
1. Opposable thumbs
2. My beautiful, selfless, caring and wonderful wife, Flyura
3. Washable Crayola markers
4. College football
5. Toys that don't require batteries
6. Wrist watches (for not becoming completely obsolete ... yet)
7. Proper merge-lane etiquette
8. Air
9. Soft pillows
10. Netflix
11. Sunshine ... and sunglasses
12. Freedom
13. I.P.A.
14. My fantastic, excitable, and outgoing son, Christopher
15. The smart people at Apple who gave me my iPhone
16. Good running shoes
17. My inspiring, sprite, and energetic father, Pete Sr. (Pappy)
18. 4 walls and a ceiling
19. Jeans that fit
20. Broadband internet
21. A good book of fiction
22. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report Nation
23. Quiet
24. My awesome, fun loving and caring brother, Dave
25. Hard work
26. Saturdays
27. Skype
28. A healthy back
29. 20/20 vision at the age of 40 (albeit fading)
30. Readily available information
31. Close friends ... you know who you are
32. Good nail clippers
33. Good coffee
34. Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball
35. Airlines ... for getting us where we need to go, eventually
36. Clean water
37. Twitter, for giving me my news in 140 characters or less
38. The fact that facial hair is a style right now
39. Food on our table
40. GPS
41. Particle physics
42. Mathematics
43. Flipboard
44. My fantastic business partners, Rhett, Emily and Robin
45. The under-appreciated move, 1941
46. My teeth
47. A sense of humor
48. Early post-WWII era music
49. Symmetry and round numbers
50. And of course, this bundle of joy: