Back Away From My XBox360

This past Black Friday reminded me of two things: 1) I hate to shop and 2) people are nuts.  Before even reading about the chaos around the country after the fact, the tension from Black Friday was felt here at home in Myrtle Beach.  It turns out that an attack in a parking lot of our local Walmart (which is never a good place, by the way, regardless of the day) ended in gunshots and a wounded 55 year old woman.  The attack was eventually thwarted by her 58 year old friend who pulled her own "gat".  The news wouldn't be so disturbing if I, in my infinite selfishness, hadn't sent my wife into the fray that night in search of a mystical $39 Blue Ray player (hey, someone had to stay home with the kids ... and she is arguably tougher than me).   Luckily for us, her common sense prevailed over my nagging for HD movies when she saw the mess in the Walmart parking lot and avoided the situation altogether.

That wasn't the only drama around the country.  According to the the AP, here are other fun festivities you missed out on if you decided to stay put on Thursday night/Friday morning:
  • A woman turned herself in to police after allegedly pepper-spraying 20 other customers at a Los Angeles-area Walmart on Thursday in what investigators said was an attempt to get at a crate of Xbox video game consoles. 
  • A security guard pepper-sprayed customers seeking electronics before the start of a midnight sale in Kinston, NC.
  • Crowds in New York reportedly looted a clothing store in Soho. 
  • A man was bloodied while being subdued by police officer on suspicion of shoplifting a video game in a Walmart in Phoenix, AZ.
  • A shooting was reported outside a store in San Leandro, CA.
  • Shots were reported at a mall in Fayetteville, NC. 
  • A stabbing occurred outside a store in Sacramento, NY.
That's enough chaos to encourage me to shop online for the rest of my life.  Let's just hope I can find that Blue Ray DVD player on Cyber Monday. 

Thank you again, Steven Colbert:
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Violent Black Friday
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And this is just nuts: