Paying It Forward - Great Holiday Story

I love stories about giving selflessly during the holiday season. The problem is, you don't hear about them often enough.  

I honestly haven't heard one in a while, so I was thrilled when my brother, Dave, sent this story. 

The other day, I bought a police officer a cup of coffee behind me in the line at Starbucks, but he saw me and knew who did it, and I was happy to be noticed. But it takes a truly confident and selfless person to do a good deed with the expectation that they will not be recognized for it. I am guessing there is intrinsic reward for doing so, and maybe a hope that people by nature are good, and the effort will result in a long-term "pay it forward" butterfly effect.  

Regardless, this made my day ... and I hope it motivates others to gestures of selflessness, regardless of how small or big, this holiday season.