Our Net Neutrality Savior?

Is @IamJohnOliver our #NetNeutrality Savior?

I've written about net neutrality and expressed my concerns over its impending elimination on a couple of occasions (first and second).  While I have tried to stress the importance that we all stand against big corporations and the FCC to keep the net neutral, it's often difficult to express this passion in text.

Enter, John Oliver

For those of your who don't know John Oliver, he is an English comedian best known (for now, anyway) for as the English bloke on the Daily Show with John Stewart.  Quite Honestly, I haven't seen a better explanation and call to action (and comic relief) than this clip from his new HBO show, The Last Week.  It's worthy of watching the entire 13 minute clip below.  

He also provides a link and a passionate (if you want to call it that) call to action ... which evidently crashed the FCC website (@IAmJohnOliver):
Check the video out here: