The Threat of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Recently, at Wild Creations, we found a disturbing article that concerns everyone about Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO).  I had no idea it was such a serious threat.  Regardless, DHMO is proving to be a feisty little chemical that is found in almost everyone's household.  In order to be up on the dangers to you and your family, check out the post below:

Post by Wild Creations.

There are few causes we rally around more serious, than to raise awareness of one of the most dangerous chemicals around, DHMO (Di-Hydrogen Monoxide), a corrosive chemical easily found in most households.

Each year DHMO poisoning causes thousands of deaths worldwide, Insurance Underwriters report millions of dollars spent each year repairing damage caused by the onslaught of excessive DMHO exposure. We feel the Public MUST BE MADE MORE AWARE!

That's why we wish to promote today as DMHO AWARENESS DAY!

As the summer months arrive, more people are exposed to the effects of DHMO as they go outside and play along Beaches, Lakes, Rivers & Streams, often in an attempt to beat the heat by swimming, or in other summer past times like boating or fishing. THIS IS WHEN YOU ARE MOST VULNERABLE!

Learn more about one of the most dangerous chemicals found in nature. One that can aid life, but if left untreated, can be one of the most harmful chemicals around.