9 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

What is a personal brand?  Sometimes, it's best to look beyond definition to examples for clarification.  Working and actively interacting as I do in a large industry like the toy industry, I've had the opportunity to see and meet a number of people who, in the short time I've been working with them, have done an impressive job building a personal brand.  Richard Gottlieb for the toy industry, and Daymond John of Fubu and Shark Tank fame, are two individuals who come to mind.  When it comes to "building a personal brand", however, it is not as easy as slapping up a website and calling it a day.  A colleague recently shared an interesting article that had a great info-graphic demonstrating what it takes to create an effective personal branding strategy.  As a fan of info-graphics (and general fan of things visual rather than written), I thought I'd share here.  See below.  Enjoy.