Snap Trap Earphone Holder

Just the other day, I was on a run and inadvertently clipped my headphone wire with my hand, yanking the headphones from my ears.  I had a brief "if only someone would invent ..." moment, but it passed with the aching in my legs and lungs (turning 40 has been rough).  Well, as timing goes, I came across ii Snap Trap on Indigo today, a simple idea that helps solve this problem.  At $7.00, I think it's actually a bargain.  So, I'm passing it along because 1) I love simple ideas that solve simple problems, 2) I love and want to support ambitious inventors, 2) I love and want to support crowd funding, and 3) I can't be the only klutz who could benefit from this.  See below for demo video of the product.  Cheers!

Contribute here: ii Earphones Snap Trap

Demo video.  Not the best presentation, but simple and to the point ... just like her product: