Humans of New York

"What was the happiest moment of your life?"
"Well, it’s not now."
I love this photo, especially as the Carolinas hunker down for winter storm Leon.  I found the photo on a great site called Humans of New York, which documents daily interactions of New Yorkers and the site's author, Brandon Stanton, through beautiful photography and quotes that are funny, profound, sad and even inspirational.  If you have every frequented NY and enjoy people watching, you will appreciate this site.  Credit for the find goes to another great blog I read occasionally, The Gotham Gal.   Stay warm, drive safe, and have fun.

Here are just a few examples form Humans of New York:

"I’m a Catholic priest."
"What’s the most difficult part about being a priest?"
"You sort of have to be all things to all people, and everyone expects you to fulfill their needs right away. It may sometimes seem like I’m not concerned with your problem. But I might just be tired. Or have the flu."
"I just want to spend a few more years with my grandson."
"Is there anything you want to teach him?"
"I leave that to his parents. I just want to be there."
"When I was young, I thought I’d be in a rocking chair by now. But it’s not nearly as bad as I feared. My bones kind of ache on rainy days, but other than that, I like being 82."
"I left my third wife by putting a note on her pillow saying: ‘Gone to the store to get cigarettes. Be back in 5 minutes.’ That was twelve years ago and I haven’t been back yet. I don’t even smoke.
"I’m wearing really plain looking underwear."
"You know how most parents eventually get to the place where they say: ‘May not have been what I was hoping for, but this is who my kid is.’? Well, my dad never got there."
"I’m trying to keep the love going in my family."
"How do you keep love going?"
"Love is a fragile thing. It will dissolve, so you have to recreate it everyday. Everyday you have to give your woman a new reason to love you."