Unsubscribe Me

I am subscribed to more newsletters than I care to recall.  Often, I receive an email from an organization who clearly got my name from a mailing list.  While I generally tend to delete these emails and be done with them, sometimes I find myself at the bottom of the email looking for that "unsubscribe" link.  While I've been leery of using it, as doing so confirms my email address, if the email appears to be legit, I will do the organization the "courtesy" of letting them know I am not interested.  Recently, one such unsubscribe directed me to a great unsubscribe page, and I actually found myself changing my selection.  It was great, and it got me on the hunt for others great unsubscribe pages.  Below are few I found.  If you have some other good ones, share them in the comments below.


A better quality link to the Hubspot video.


And even a simple landing page that makes you smile: