One Million Frogs

Check out our new Kickstarter campaign for One Million Frogs, my first book project.  It will be a memoir of my time with Wild Creations, with my business partner Rhett Power.  We have numerous amazing and often comical stories and anecdotes to recant, all of which were incredible life learning experiences.  While I'm excited to create this history of our six years growing Wild Creations into an Inc500 company and the #1 fastest growing company in SC, we are also motivated to inspire other ambitious entrepreneurs who seek the same gratification.  For sure, they will gleam a great deal of feedback from our experiences (good, bad and ugly).  Thank you for your support!

Per our Press Release:
Forget the MBA study guides and DIY entrepreneur books, with One Million Frogs, we are giving you an inspirational road map through our experiences, and real-life antidotes that are at times troubling and emotional, often comical and unbelievable, but always lesson filled,” said Gasca. “The book is not just directed at entrepreneurs, but at anyone who has grand aspirations to achieve something bigger in life, who feels held back by uncertainty or societal peer pressure.”