Best Mothers Day Video ... Ever

Love this.  Ten Things All Moms Need To Know for Mother's Day, by Kid President.  And, happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful and deserving moms!

Ten Things All Mom's Need To Know For Mother's Day
by Kid President

  1. Put down the phone ... unless your kid is named "Phone".
  2. Don't name your kid "Phone" ... that's just messed up.
  3. We love you ... we just don't always know how to tell you.
  4. Stop cleaning ... our house is awesome, because we all live in it!
  5. "Mom" upside down is ... "Wow".
  6. Meatloaf ... mom, we love you, but let's cool it on the meatloaf.
  7. Thank you for cleaning up all the poop ...
  8. Have fun ... we love to see you have fun!
  9. Hug more, shout less ... it's hard to grow up!
  10. The secret to changing the world ... moms.