Innovative Business Networking Event MYR

If you are an inventor, entrepreneur, business leader or legislator in South Carolina, then the Business as Unusual event is where you need to be.  The idea, spawned by local CCU student Meagan Nowacoski, was conceived to bring together forward thinking business leaders and investors to network with the newest and most innovative local small businesses in the Grand Strand area.  One of the businesses being highlighted is none other than, the first crowd-funding sight for kids and kid-related products founded in Myrtle Beach by yours truly.  The event is being held on Wednesday, Dec 5 2012 at 6PM at the MYR Cowork location in Myrtle Beach, which in itself is an innovative organization supporting young and aspiring small businesses.

One of the reasons I find this event so appealing is that small business development and innovation in the Grand Strand area, especially in Myrtle Beach, are very under served and under appreciated.  Clearly, Myrtle Beach is a tourist destination first and foremost, but as one of the most significant sources of revenue for South Carolina, I'm shocked more effort is not made to attract year-round businesses here.  Another issue that arises is the brain-drain experienced in the region, making it difficult for business like ours, Jumpoff and Wild Creations, to find and retain qualified talent.

With a cost of living below the national average, moderate temperatures most of the year, and a prime location on the beach, the Grand Strand is a prime location for attracting businesses.  I think events such as Business as Unusual are a great first step to bringing attention to this need.

If all of this is not reason enough for you to attend and network with small businesses in Myrtle Beach, then the amazing line up of food and refreshments by local chef Robert J. Ziehr is reason in itself.

To register, follow this link.  Proceeds raised from the event will go to support Abiding Village.


For more information, see the updated coverage by the Myrtle Beach Digitel or the coverage by local news.