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With reports of corruption rampant in the recent Russian parliamentary elections (and documented in disturbing detail in this link by a volunteer election monitor), I am reminded that, however flawed, we are lucky to have the greatest and most free democratic system on the face of the planet.  And I am proud of this ...

But then, there was The Donald.

As if the Republican party needed more clowns in the circus that has become the field of 2012 presidential candidates, Donald Trump AKA "The Donald" announced this week that he intended to host a presidential debate on 27 December of this year, in an effort to ... well, as he says:
"I know a lot of the moderators and some are wonderful, and some aren't, but I know the issues better than the moderators," Trump explained yesterday on Piers Morgan Tonight. He added, referring to The Apprentice, "I get great ratings," which should convince any candidate to participate. "Frankly, this debate, with the right people in it, would be very, very successful."
Ah, ratings are the end goal.  Well, certainly, my interest is peeked, and should it come to fruition, I will most certainly be tuning in ... unless, of course, they turn it into a paid-per-view event.

As of 8 December, however, only one Republican nominee had confirmed his intent to participate, Newt Gingrich.  Actually, it might be more accurate to say that all nominees EXCEPT Newt Gingrich have expressly declined the invitation to participate.  The event, and The Donald, has received an endorsement and praise from Sarah Palin, who is resorting to calling "shame" on the candidates who have declined the event.  Well, if Sarah can't turn this around, nobody can.

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Regardless of whether The Donald can really turn out the event (which, given his stature and the fields' incredibly weak showing in real debates, may actually happen), another promising event is the proposed debate hosted by Steven Colbert, of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report.  And while this debate isn't confirmed (he is just hinting at it on his show ... see below), Colbert is trying to buy the January 21 GOP Primary naming rights ... "The Colbert Nation Super PAC Presidential Primary".  Sweet.  Myrtle Beach is hosting Republican debates on 16 January 2012, but wouldn't it be dreamy if they were hosted by Steven Colbert??  I would subscribe to THAT paid-per-view.

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