More Autos, Less Dealerships!

Commercials ... not a fan.  (emphasis on "period")  When I see a good one, however, it makes me pause and reflect upon the power of creativity in advertising ... as well as (and unfortunately more often) the insane waste of resources that get poured into poor campaigns.  Nothing makes this point better than the car industry.  Indeed, as recently as yesterday, I saw yet another car dealership commercial in almost the identical format as every other dealership commercial ... guy in suit/woman in dress walking and talking quickly among a sea of automobiles saying, "No credit, no problem!".  It's almost comical that these companies can't find even a slight variation from the norm!
Conversely, the car industry has increasingly impressed me with their witty, fun and palatable campaigns.  Of course, US commercials are more satirical and dry, while foreign commercials continue to be provocative and racy, but both continue to really spice it up.  If only auto manufacturers turned out cars as well as they turn out advertisements!

Brand Channel Brand Bites is a great place to see good adverts, and one car commercial recently caught my eye and reminded me of this dichotomy.  For your enjoyment, I thought I would include it below as well as two other campaigns I love!  Have a great weekend!

Typical car dealership commercial:

Fiat's new commercial uses that time tested adage that ... "sex sells" (I only wish I knew what she was saying!):

The "Sienna Family" (Toyota) is a fun, FAMILY campaign that, well, really resonates with me these days:

I love the Focus Doug (Ford) campaign as well ... you just can't help but smile: