Hubby Finds Ring In Landfill ... My Hero!

A man loses his wife's $10K wedding band, then miraculously finds it in the landfill after scurrying through mounds of waste and debris.  I'm just wondering ... that did this guy net in "brownie points"??  

Let's recap:

  • Woman hands husband $10K wedding ring to put in a jewellery box while she takes a shower.
  • Husband subsequently throws away the $10K ring with an old razor he was discarding at the time of being asked to put up the $10K ring.  
  • Husband discovers mistake after all trash has been collected.
  • Husband opts to tell wife the truth in lieu of securing a fake passport and moving to another country.
  • Husband, at the behest of his grieving, sobbing, and 5-month pregnant wife goes to the landfill to set out on an impossible task of find the ring.
  • Husband miraculously finds the ring amidst the waste and debris.

Now, I don't know how to assign brownie points here, and I can well imagine that losing the ring in the first place was a major deduction.  Instead of opting for the obvious option ... cashing out a 401K and replacing it ... he went after it!  As the husband stated:
"Nastiness you wouldn't believe, it was absolutely disgusting. It stunk beyond belief. The smell was God-awful. Everything unsanitary you could think of crossed my path at least a couple times. I took an extraordinarily long shower and toothbrushes were used"
And, whether you believe that he actually did go into the landfill and find the proverbial "needle in a haystack" or indeed opted to sell a kidney to raise the money to replace it, that is worth something in my book!  And, let's not forget the level of fault on the wife!  I mean, what woman in her right mind would entrust a man with a $10K piece of hardware with absolutely ZERO technology associated with it?  She might as well have given him a piece of coal.  Ruling on the field ... off-setting penalties.

I don't know why this story struck me as touching ... funny ...  odd.  I guess it's the "moral" at the end of the story.
Really?  Perseverance?  That's your answer?  I can think of a heap of better story morals, such as:

  • Any piece of jewellery with a value equal to or greater than $10K should be surgically attached to the body.
  • Do not take off a $10K wedding ring, even for a shower ... or, simply, do not shower.
  • Do not buy a $10K ring, and instead invest the money in long term mutual funds that will mature at an average rate of 8%, providing enough money to buy a $10K ring and a new car for your 10 year anniversary.  Yes, this is why my wife hates discussing rings with me!