Handing Over The Crown

Last year, Wild Creations was recognized as the #1 fastest growing company in South Carolina for 2011 by the SC Chamber of Commerce and the Capital Corporation.  We were honored to be invited back to the SC Chamber Annual Meeting this past Thursday, 11/10, to celebrate the 2012 winners and hand over the crown.  Congratulations go to Robert Bush of Barling Bay, this years #1 fastest growing company.

Congratulations are also in order for the Pamela Lackey, state president of AT&T, who was recognized as the Business Leader of the Year, as well as Kenny Bingham, SC House Majority Leader, who was recognized as the Public Servant of the Year.  Indeed, their achievements and contributions were incredibly exciting to hear about.

Also, many thanks to the departing chairman of the SC Chamber, Dick Wilkerson, and welcome to the income leadership of Jim Reynold.

Lastly, I would be falling short if I did not also offer thanks to Otis Rawls, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, for allowing me to participate and, hopefully, contribute to the board, as well as to Chris Barras, for the kind invite to the luncheon and dinner.  Thank you, gentlemen ... it was much appreciated!