Who Took My Bandwidth?

Netflix made the news again today, but for a completely different reason than irking its customers.  According to Venture Beat:

  • Netflix accounts for 28% of ALL bandwidth usage nationally.
  • Neflix peaked at 32% of downstream traffic this year.
  • Neflix, HTTP, YouTube and BitTorrent account for 64.4% of all bandwith consumption!
More interestingly, there continues to be a rapid shift of traffic away from desktops (PCs) to set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and smart devices.  Only 45% of internet traffic on fixed networks goes to desktop computers!

All I can say is ... wow.  Netflix may have lost 800,000 subscribers since "Quickster-gate", but they were on the right track.  Streaming is the future.  For now, however, stop streaming video and slowing down my email!