Happy Independence Eve: Newcastle Ad

@NewCastle new #IfWeWon ad campaign is brilliant.  I love good ad campaigns.  I love great ad campaigns better.  Newcastle certainly has one in their Independence Day Eve campaign, starring British greats Stephen Merchant and Elizabeth Hurley.  Entertaining, comical and in true-British tradition, self-deprecating.  What I find even more interesting is the angst and anger of some Americans toward the campaign (see the "Apology" video below).  Lighten up.  We won.  That's what matters.  If nothing else, this campaign gives you a reason (regardless of how valid) to grab a Newcastle and toast a day early.  I will.  Cheers!

Happy Independence Eve, America!

Stephen Merchant Presents: If We Won

Zachary Quinto Presents

Names of Things: If We Won

Elizabeth Hurley Gets Vulgar

Elizabeth Hurley Apologies ... for not apologizing.

Seeing the Future

I've seen and heard a few cool things about Google's Project Glass.  To a certain extent, most of us are glued to our smart phones as it is, so what's the difference if we simply have our apps streamed directly to our line of site?  Imagine being on a date, staring lovingly into the eyes of that special someone, and simultaneously being able to watch the big game!  It might not only save lives, but save relationships as well!

This video I found on The Evolving Blog gives a very rosy view of what life might be like ...

... while this video from Fast Company, one the other hand, is just plain creepy ...