[Video] What You Want To Say To #Crabby Flyers

One of the modern wonders of our time is travel by flight. Think about it ... there are very few places on the Earth that we can't reach through some combination of flight and walking. This remarkable achievement of engineering and innovation, combined with the fact that we can be in a different time zone, currency and culture in a matter of hours and for a few hundred dollars, is something I think we greatly under appreciated.

For me, I love airports and airplanes. When I am in one, any stress from long lines or overweight luggage or expensive coffee is belayed by the fact that I am going some place. That excitement should be bottled.

What does get me, every time, are the grumps a-holes who insist on airing their displeasure and frustration upon everyone around them. The airlines attendants can't foresee bad weather, mechanical delays, or a sick pilot, yet so many people will grunt and sigh and gripe when something happens. 

It is for this reason that I found and love this video.

I, for one, would enjoy hearing a flight attendant lay this out on anyone who can't look past a crowded plane, a few crying kids and fees for luggage.

Next time you travel, relax ... enjoy the journey and adventure ... and if you cannot, resist the urge to take it out on those around you.